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My name is Vincent, i live in France. I help to develop Movim, an internationnal social network, it haven't the goal to be a concurrent against Facebook but to purpose a free and decentralized alternative, in respect to Free Software philosophy.

I invite you to discover our project : (it's still in development).


How to contribute ?

We need translators : we wish to be understandable in as many languages as possible, and even in some dialects for each country !

So we think to purpose Movim in your language (or in the dialect of your choice) could permit to enlarge the diffusion of this new Social Network.

Are you motivated ? Good !

If you have the courage to translate everything it would be perfect, but i'll be happy if you try to translate some pieces of text. A lot of line do not contain more than 2 words, don't be scared !

MOVIM - Open Social Platform

Movim | Human Network

Movim-Platform release

GIT repository (



XMPP MUC (for "Multi User Chat" - chatroom)

Web Client

Decentralised technology

Our philosophy is that your data are yours and you must always be in control. Movim achieves this through a complete decentralisation of users' data and accounts.

Register wherever you want! Movim keeps you in touch with your family and friends, even if they are on a different server. Your data follow you on any Movim node you use.

Why not gear up? You can easily install a Movim node on your own server, and be free!

One protocol to rule them all

Movim relies on the enterprise-class XMPP protocol. With Movim, you will never be locked in by a single vendor, your Gmail® and Facebook® contacts will be available, and even WLM®, Yahoo® and many others.

The Movim platform integrates everything you need to connect to your favourite XMPP server and communicate freely.

We are proud to use JAXL, the powerful XMPP library for PHP

Visit the project


Movim employs only Free and open-source software respectful of the Internet's fundamental philosophy (neutrality, privacy and freedom).

Movim is Free Software and licensed under

with the exception of a component under

and the

for the documentation.

Movim and its community are dedicated to promote the ethics and ideals of the Free Software.

Give us a hand!

Movim aims at being an accessible and multi-lingual platform. The project's translations are ensured by the volunteers that form the community.

So come and help us translate in your language, the project

on this webiste

and the website


If your language is not listed, please contact us.

Movim-Platform, the birth of a social network

Movim-Platform is a set of elements pertaining to a social network. Its simplicity and modularity greatly ease development and robustness of the code.

Movim-Platform includes the following technology:

Jaxl: A powerful XMPP library for PHP that brings support for many XEPs.

Account creation from an existing account.

Connecting to an account and ensuring the connection is kept alive through AJAX.

Javascript-free fetching and processing of data on the server-side.

Automatic javascript generation when needed.

Hand-tweakable XML configuration files.

A form-generating library (many thanks to Shannon Brooks).


Photo credit:


Download Movim

Download the latest stable version of Movim

Download the documentation

Other files

A full documentation of the project is available in different formats.

If you would like to get a regularly updated version of the documentation's sources (Texinfo), these can be found in the documentation/ folder on the

official code repository

Movim is here

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not found


Install Movim on your webserver

See the sourcecode

Mailing List

I will add your translations here .

Thanks for your valuable contribution.


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Can someone help us ? :(

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Hello all,

Near one year later, i would show you what Movim become : (begin by "Create my vCard" after registration/login)

The 0.5 version has been released last week, see that page for more informations


We still need your help to offer our software in your language, if you want to contribute like me, add some strings in your list:

Small contributions are as important as large, we need every possible effort to accomplish the feat to propose a multilingual decentralized social network! It's Open Source and much more!

You could meet our team on this XMPP chan:

Please help us =)


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Hello! The project is progressing again incredibly!

So much has changed since the last time. This time let me tell you more about what has been achieved.

It's no longer necessary to have an account on a Movim pod: do you have a Jabber address? That's it! Just login on Movim (on for example), and it will load your profile, as do a heavy client as Gajim/Pidgin/Empathy.

Movim is now able to provide a flow of microblogging. By default, messages are for your contacts on the XMPP network. Each message can be promoted public, and then appears in an RSS feed that you can share. These public messages that make up your personal page are visible to all Internet, that's why we simply called it your "blog".

Movim also implements the XMPP groups, a kind of cross between a mailing list and newsgroups: you subscribe to a list to receive and send messages to all users. This is quite interesting.

We really took care to make a Responsive Design theme, Movim now also works very well on small screens.

Some screenshots now:











Movim 0.7 is the first version usable by the general public. The code has been really stabilized, I certify you that you can play with Movim 0.7 daily. Because our project is a free software created by volunteers, we ask your help again to offer our great project in your language!

Please, take 5 minutes to translate some strings on this page, it doesn't matter if you can't end all pending translations, someone could do it in the future:

(if some bizare characters are in a string, like "%s" it's normal, let it in your translation, and please take care to follow the exact punctuation!)

Do you want to test Movim? Just login with your XMPP/Jabber account on or create a new one.

We will also be pleased to read your advise on our mailing-list, see


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