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  1. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Brukernes nyhetsforum   

    AMD`s 300$ 6-Core CPU- For godt til å være sant?
    Cut`n`paste artikkel:

    AMD’s new Thuban hexa-core CPUs come out swinging with prices that belie their size
    If we’ve learned anything from years of watching action movies: You never, ever count out the underdog. Such is the case with perennial underdog AMD.

    Bloodied, beaten, and bruised by months and months of Intel chips that outpaced its parts, AMD isn’t giving up. Instead, it’s hitting back with its own hexa-core CPUs and doing everything just short of yelling yippie ki-yay!

    And now for the shocker: These hexa-core CPUs are affordable. Hell, one of the parts is practically budget-priced. Intel’s high-flying hexa-core Core i7-980X is $1,000. Contrast that with AMD’s new 3.2GHz Phenom II X6 1090T at $295. Want more? The 2.8GHz Phenom II X6 1055T costs $200. Yes, $200 for a hexa-core processor. So yippie kay-yay mother frakker, ineed!

    Want even more good news? AMD’s new chip will be backward compatible with the vast sea of AM3, and even older AM2+, motherboards out there. We’re quite glad to hear this, because at one point the company told us it planned to jettison DDR2 support, which would have cut off the AM2+ folks. Fortunately, the company changed its mind and both new chips include DDR3 and DDR2 support.

    For fulle og hele artikkel her:

    Dette ser jo fryktelig spennende ut...
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  2. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Brukernes nyhetsforum   

    Project Natal -første bilder -Rykende ferskt
    Dette er en ren copy`n`paste artikkel!!

    Look! Real dimly lit pictures of the Microsoft Natal unit...or a prototype of the final unit. These were passed along from Italian site Multiplayer. They say that says these images came from a tester who was hired to test the unit's speech recognition. In the shots you'll see the alleged device and what appears to be an instruction manual and a quick start guide.

    I see that in the guide that Natal requires wall power. Don't love that, but what can you do? Also, the guide says something about a tilt mechanism:

    The sensor array includes a new motorized tilt mechanism. Do not manually tilt the sensor array on its base. Doing so can damage the tilt mechanism.

    Hmm, what's that all about? There's also cute little return instructions. I wonder if the included instructions ever mentioned leaking images or anything.

    In the speech test, commands like "turn on the Xbox 360" and "go to Facebook" were mentioned. These went with hundreds of others. Fun.

    While these images look legit, I'd still keep this filed under rumor. Check out our gallery for more images

    Se original artikkel: Flere bilder og full artikkel
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  3. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne [LØST] Supersøk AVG   

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  4. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Tilbakemeldinger, kommentarer og forslag   

    [LØST] Supersøk AVG
    Får opp denne feilmeldingen da jeg søker på AVG i supersøk hos

    Egentlig da jeg åpner føste valg i søket. ITpro nedlastinger: AVG ant.... free 9.0

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  5. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Virus og antivirus   

    Chuck Norris Botnet Høgger Routere i biter
    Chuck Norris Botnet Karate-chops Routers Hard

    Link til original artikkel:

    Om ditt Router-passord står oppført her: så er det på tide å bytte snarest!


    If you haven't changed the default password on your home router, you may be in for an unwanted visit from Chuck Norris -- the Chuck Norris botnet, that is.

    Discovered by Czech researchers, the botnet has been spreading by taking advantage of poorly configured routers and DSL modems, according to Jan Vykopal, the head of the network security department with Masaryk University's Institute of Computer Science in Brno, Czech Republic.

    The malware got the Chuck Norris moniker from a programmer's Italian comment in its source code: "in nome di Chuck Norris," which means "in the name of Chuck Norris." Norris is a U.S. actor best known for his martial arts films such as "The Way of the Dragon" and "Missing in Action."

    Security experts say that various types of botnets have infected millions of computers worldwide to date, but Chuck Norris is unusual in that it infects DSL modems and routers rather than PCs.

    It installs itself on routers and modems by guessing default administrative passwords and taking advantage of the fact that many devices are configured to allow remote access. It also exploits a known vulnerability in D-Link Systems devices, Vykopal said in an e-mail interview.

    A D-Link spokesman said he was not aware of the botnet, and the company did not immediately have any comment on the issue.

    Like an earlier router-infecting botnet called Psyb0t, Chuck Norris can infect an MIPS-based device running the Linux operating system if its administration interface has a weak username and password, he said. This MIPS/Linux combination is widely used in routers and DSL modems, but the botnet also attacks satellite TV receivers.

    Vykopal doesn't know how big the Chuck Norris botnet is, but says he has evidence that the hacked machines "are spread around the world: from South America through Europe to Asia. The botnet aims at many networks of ISP [internet service provider] and telco operators," he said.

    Right now Chuck Norris-infected machines can be used to attack other systems on the Internet, in what are known as distributed denial of service attacks. The botnet can launch a password-guessing dictionary attack on another computer, and it can also change the DNS (Domain Name System) settings in the router. With this attack, victims on the router's network who think they are connecting to Facebook or Google end up redirected to a malicious Web page that then tries to install a virus on their computers.

    Once installed in the router's memory, the bot blocks remote communication ports and begins to scan the network for other vulnerable machines. It is controlled via IRC.

    Because the Chuck Norris botnet lives in the router's RAM, it can be removed with a restart.

    Original fulle artikkel:

    Konklusjonen er bytt ditt defaulte passord snarest. Usikker?

    Om ditt Router-passord står oppført her: så er det på tide å bytte snarest!
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  6. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Brukernes nyhetsforum   

    uTorrent sprer sine vinger med Falcon
    Cut`n`pasted herfra:

    uTorrent Spreads Its Wings With Falcon

    In all the years it’s been available, uTorrent hasn’t changed as much as it will with the upcoming release. Codenamed Falcon, the client will have an easier, more secure and more complete web UI as well as support for streaming and remote downloading.

    Developed by BitTorrent Inc., uTorrent Falcon will bring plenty of change to the BitTorrent client currently in use by more than 50 million people a month.

    Most of the upcoming features of the Falcon project are still being developed, but those who download the latest Alpha release have the option to take a peak at what to expect from the future. Below we sum up some of the key features.

    Access Anywhere
    Allowing users to access their BitTorrent downloads from anywhere through a simple web-interface is one of the main goals of the Falcon project. Without having to configure uTorrent and home networks so that they can be accessed remotely, users can simply head over to the Falcon page and connect to their client instantly.

    The easy to use web interface is as secure as it gets, a major improvement over the Web UI currently available. When logged in, it gives users all the controls they are familiar with in their regular PC client. Torrents can be added, paused and removed using an interface with a look and feel identical to that of the uTorrent application.

    Those who want to try the remote access features require an invite for now. Invites are sent out regularly and those who leave their email address behind should receive one within a few days.

    Download Anywhere
    Aside from the added security and easy setup, accessing your torrents via the Falcon web-interface offers another advantage – remote downloading. Once a file has finished downloading you can transfer a copy of the file to a remote computer via the web-interface.

    This feature is not enabled in the current version of the Falcon web-interface. However, it has been publicly announced in the uTorrent forums so we expect that it will return soon.

    Se original link for fulle og hele artikkel.

    Dette ser jo veldig lovende ut!
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  7. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne USB Pinne nytt navn   

    Høyreklikk på Min Datamaskin- Velg Behandle. Om du under Diskbehandling finner din minnepenn. Høyreklikk på den og velg-Endre Stasjonsbokstav og baner. Velg ny stasjonsbokstav som du vet ikke er i bruk.
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  8. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne [LØST] Program for og preike sammen.   

    Eller Office Communicator
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  9. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne NVIDIAs Fermi GF100 - fakta og meninger   


    Dette ser veldig spennende ut. Billig blir det sikkert ikke når det kommer så det er vel best å begynne å spare allerede nå.
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  10. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne NVIDIAs Fermi GF100 - fakta og meninger   

    Sjekk denne videoen :

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  11. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Brukernes nyhetsforum   

    Kommende Xbox 360-titler i 2010
    Original fulle artkkel:

    Once again we can expect another huge year of releases for the Xbox 360. Below we’ve picked out a not-so-small sample of the kind of big releases we can expect. There’s a lot to look forward to, and this list of 35 is just the tip of the iceburg (we really are going to be spoilt for choice - narrowing it down to just 35 was not easy!). Note that we’ve only included games releasing from February onwards. Here are some of the games you can expect to look forward to on the Xbox 360 later this year:

    Alan Wake

    Spennende lesing.. er litt deppa over at jeg gikk over til PS3 for bare få dager siden. HVA TENKTE JEG PÅ.... ehh jo BlueRay, pokker fortsetter det slik MÅ man ha 2 konsoller og det har jeg ikke råd til.

    Se original link for resten av artikkelen.

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  12. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne [LØST] error ved installasjon av office 2007   

    Prøv dette:

    It can be a problem with the Windows Installer Service. Try the following
    steps because i had the same problem and these steps helped me to resolve the

    Close any open windows.

    Click Start --> Run type msiexec.exe /unregister and click ok. Note that
    there is a space between msiexec.exe and /

    Click Start --> Run type msiexec.exe /regserver and click ok. Note that
    there is a space between msiexec.exe and /

    Once this is done. Click Start --> Run --> type services.msc and check if
    windows installer service is started. If not right click and click Start to
    start the service of windows installer.

    Now try installing office 2007.
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  13. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Brukernes nyhetsforum   

    NVIDIAs Fermi GF100 - fakta og meninger
    Utdrag fra orriginal artikkel:

    NVIDIA's "Fermi" next generation GF100 GPU is not here yet. Nope, we do not have hardware. But NVIDIA has given us an in-depth look at the specifics behind the architecture as it relates to gaming. NVIDIA certainly remembered us gamers and the fact that we like lots and lots of polygons.


    HardOCP recently had the opportunity to sit down with NVIDIA face-to-face and discuss its next generation GPU, codenamed "GF100" which is based on the "Fermi" architecture you have likely heard so much about for the last few months. Currently NVIDIA is not sharing GF100 based video card specifics. This is NOT a product launch! This is a look into the GF100 GPU’s inner workings and how that relates to gaming. The "GF" in "GF100" stands for a "Graphics" solution based on the "Fermi" architecture. The "100" denotes that it is the high-end part of the current GPU family.

    The GF100 is NVIDIA’s next big investment, and it is yet to be seen if it will pay off for them. The GF100 is more than just a GPU for gaming; we all know that based on the recent information that has been given. However, don’t let this GP-GPU nonsense fool you, NVIDIA made it clear to us...finally…the GF100 is built for gaming.

    On this page is the official presentation in its entirety, and on the second page you will find the entire GF100 White Paper posted along with some opinions

    NVIDIA’s focus for GF100 has been unclear to us at HardOCP. Is it a gamers’ GPU? Is it a GP-GPU? Is it both? Is it a GP-GPU disguised to be a gamers’ GPU or vice versa? After our conversations with NVIDIA last week, it seems NVIDIA has built a geometry power house, at least on paper. And finally NVIDIA talked about playing games on GF100 and NVIDIA went out of its way to make sure we understood that GF100 started out with gaming in mind and is ending with gaming in mind.

    The GF100 should accelerate geometry faster than any other GPU known to date throughout the rendering pipeline, all the way from Triangle Setup to Geometry Shading to Tessellation to Rasterizing. If NVIDIA’s investment in its geometry engine proves correct, the GF100 could be substantially faster than the AMD Radeon HD 5000 series when it comes to things like DX11 Tessellation; one of the Radeon HD 5000 series main selling points right now. This is all theoretical of course until we actual test the GF100’s performance in games.

    Some GF100 Specifications

    GF100 will have 512 CUDA cores, which more than doubles its cores compared to the GeForce GTX 285 GPU’s 240 core. There are 64 texture units, compared to the GTX 285’s 80, but the Texture Units have been moved inside the Third Generation Streaming Multiprocessors (SM)for improved efficiency and clock speed. In fact, the Texture Units will run at a higher clock speed than the core GPU clock. There are 48 ROP units, up from 32 on the GTX 285. The GF100 will use 384-bit GDDR5, so depending on clock speeds it actually operates at, there is potential for high memory bandwidth. These changes seem logical, and encouraging, but without knowing clock speeds actual shader performance is anyone’s guess.

    Woohooo.... framtiden er lys---veldig lys. Har du orket å lese såpass langt så er du litt over gjennomsnittet intressert i PC gaming og/eller hardware skjermkort. Da følger du bare linken øverst eller nederst for mere spennende lesning med illustrasjoner, siden dette ikke er min artikkel tok jeg heller ikke med hele artikkelen,"just Copyd`n`pasted it" så er det jo heller ingen vits med oversettelse eller å ta kreditt.

    Uansett som jeg skriver over. Framtiden er lys og jeg vil være med.

    Les mere på original link:
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  14. Cubicle Dude la til et innlegg i et emne WebCam baserte spill og andre webcam morsomheter   

    Nei, det stemmer. Bildet er ment kun for å illustrere. Endret bildet.
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  15. Cubicle Dude la til et emne i Spill og utstyr generelt   

    WebCam baserte spill og andre webcam morsomheter
    Har skjønt at det finnes mange morsomme webcam spill der ute. Mange er gratis.

    Tar imot tips til flere enn de jeg hittil har funnet:

    WebCam morsomheter:

    Bruk webcamera til å styre andre spill som teks Trackmania
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